About us

Alimentos Cárnicos  Panamá is a part of Grupo Nutresa which has been in the market for 100 years and has a presence in 74 countries worldwide. It's also the leading group in processed foods in Colombia and one of the most relevant players in the industry in Latin America.


In 2005, Grupo Nutresa expanded its operations to Panama, acquiring Blue Ribbon Products, S.A with its Blue Ribbon brand and in 2008, the Ernesto Berard Company with its Embutidos Berard brand. Later, in 2011, both companies merged creating Alimentos Cárnicos Panamá.


Currently, Alimentos Cárnicos is the leader in the category of cold cuts and sausages. Its own brands are: Blue Ribbon, Berard and Zenú and it distributes the Hormel and Setas de Cuivá brands.


Its 3 own brands have a portfolio of products made with the best raw materials and under the strictest quality standards by just over 500 employees committed and passionate about feeding Panama with quality.


Having its own farm, our specialists in charge of the animals, from their reproduction, breeding, feeding and care allows us to guarantee the indisputable export quality of the products of its 3 brands that have won the market's preference.


During 2019, it is determined to bring quality and good taste to Central America with Zenú, a traditional brand that has a portfolio to accompany and feed families with confidence.


Taste quality and great price


Variety of exclusive products


and only panamenian sausage brand exporting goods


Taste quality and great price